My Favorite Scripture

(Upated from an original post made in 2014) I have a number of favorite ‘books’ of scripture. Picking just one from each volume of the scriptures (minus the Doctrine and Covenants since it’s really just one ‘book’, and including a Gospel, because they are a category unto themselves) those that top my list are (in no particular order): The Book of Isaiah The Gospel of St. John The Book of Mormon (the book within the book) The Book of Moses The Book of Revelations It’s a bit of an ecclectic mix, though I doubt many people would dispute their quality.

About La Estrella Medianocturna

La Estrella Medianocturna is a blog about Latter-Day Saint Christian belief, opinion, and practice. Its name (which is Spanish for “The Midnight Star”) is an allusion to the early Church Publications “The Evening and The Morning Star” and “The Millenial Star”. It also makes reference to the “Bridegroom” of the Wedding in the Parable of the 10 Virgins, who appeared at midnight.

Personal Narratives


A Latter-Day Saint Christian Approach to Homosexuality

Homosexuality has been a fact of the human experience since time immemorial. Whatever its origin, it is not a new phenomenon, and neither is the currently growing acceptance in society unique throughout the long history of human civilization. However, homosexuality has rarely if indeed ever enjoyed acceptance within the traditions or doctrine of the abrahamic faiths. Today Homosexuality has taken center stage among the cultural clashes of our time. To those who defend Homosexuality, it is an issue of basic human rights; while to those who oppose it, the issue embodies the moral decay which they see besetting our society.

Socially Acceptable Stoner-Music

As Latter-Day Saints we are regularly counseled to avoid inappropriate and degrading music. The exact definition of which has been left rather vague with only the extremes easily identifiable as one or the other. However, this does not change the fact that it is important for Latter-Day Saints to be sure that they are only listening to the right kind of music. The reason for this is well-known in the church, since music undoubtedly has an effect on our emotions and thoughts.